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Is Consulting For Me?
Contemplating a career change to become an IT consultant but feeling overwhelmed by the many questions and challenges you face? You are not alone. These times are challenging and taking the leap to a consultant role may leave you with many questions. Will I have job security? How long will…
February 17, 2021
Do we really need a PMO!?
Is your company trying to keep up or catch up in the world where major business transformation is the norm to maintain a competitive advantage? Does the path to success seem unclear and leave you unsure where to look for clear direction? You are definitely not alone. …
November 30, 2020
Driving faster digital results without cutting corners
As this era of digital disruption changes business as we know it, companies are pushing for new ways of working, new insights, altering innovations, and customer loyalty. These imperatives are often spearheaded by leaders in the organization who understand the criticality of staying relevant. Companies have created digital organizations, named…
July 18, 2019