We work with our clients to deliver their most critical IT objectives


Establishing the approach and roadmap for achieving results is the first step. Our team of experts can help you evaluate key areas for growth.

IT Roadmap Planning

Technology is a critical enabler to achieve results. Our team will partner with you to assess what capabilities are needed, and how to deliver those results. Whether it’s a strategic initiative, a new business need or a 3 year IT outlook, we can help you define the right roadmap for execution.

Optimizing IT

As the pace of business changes rapidly, IT needs to be positioned to respond quickly. Legacy infrastructure, applications & processes can slow things down. Let us help you optimize your landscape by prioritizing critical capabilities to improve cost, speed and quality.

IT Mergers & Divestitures

Mergers and divestitures are of strategic importance to the organization, and IT is at the crux of ensuring a smooth transition both for Day 1 and for end state success. Assessing everything from employee experience, to application selection, to data center needs; let us help you lead the efforts to ensure a smooth IT integration or separation.


The backbone of any IT organization is its ability to deliver. Whether large or small, waterfall or agile, efforts will fail without the right approach and expertise to deliver.

Agile Services

Are you running full scale agile operations across your organization, or just getting started? Our team of experts can provide a number of services for both agile and scaled agile implementations to help improve results. We conduct training sessions, deliver assessments to help vet challenges achieving the full benefits, provide resources to augment your existing agile teams, and can even help you implement a full Agile Transformation Office. Read more about our agile offerings, and check out one of our recent case studies.

Program Management Office

Need help running a large scale program or running a smaller initiative? With extensive experience running large ERP, CRM, Service Cloud programs, our team can help you ensure your initiatives deliver the results, on time and on budget. Have an initiative underway that isn’t going as you hoped? Let us help you with a program assessment.

Data & Analytics

Unlocking the value and potential of your data to provide valuable insights requires the right combination of people, processes and technology. Let us help you with your business intelligence and analytics initiatives to harness the right value.

Quality Assurance

With major benefits expected from your IT investments, initiatives can not afford to miss commitments and deadlines; however, most projects are over budget or delivered late. Let us help you do an assessment of key program challenges and provide an estimation to get things back on track.

Interim CIO Services

Turnover happens, but priorities still need to be met. Our team of experts has walked in your shoes; so if you have critical leadership roles that need to be filled on a full or part time basis, we are here to help. With a wide range of experience and skills, we can help augment your existing leadership and keep priorities moving ahead while you find the right long term fit.


Defining a strong framework for your IT offerings can provide many benefits; including improved alignment with the business, greater cost transparency, improved delivery and increased customer satisfaction. Our team can help you evaluate these processes and drive needed improvements.


Technology is at the core of enabling businesses to keep up with the pace of change. IT organizations need to do more with less, and improve the time to market. Our team of experts can help drive the transformation needed to transform your organization.

Digital Transformation

Business is changing rapidly around us. Companies are looking for new ways to innovate, increase market share, save costs and retain key employees. The right digital strategy is critical to remain relevant. Let our team help you find opportunities to leverage critical digital capabilities such as data, automation, cloud and IoT to accelerate your journey.

Cloud Strategy

The benefits of cloud are significant, and a strong strategy to outline your approach to cloud, or even a cloud first approach should be outlined. Our team brings expertise and practical knowledge of how to design and implement a cloud strategy to align to your objectives.

Application Optimization

Legacy infrastructure can significantly impede progress, and gone are the days of waiting 3 years for a major program overhaul to deliver results. Let us help you assess opportunities to improve user experience, simplify your processes, and optimize your systems of record and systems of engagement without undertaking a massive ERP upgrade.

What Our Clients Say​

“The Notch Above team have been excellent to work with. The people we have engaged have been knowledgeable, responsible and proactive. They have provided valuable contributions to our key initiatives and teams. I would strongly recommend them to my peers”

Vice President of IT Global Consulting Firm

“Our project with Notch Above will be remembered as the major pivot on Datto’s road to full Digital Transformation. We’ve had lots of IT wins this year, but this one will create a major new revenue opportunity for our MSP partners and help us serve them better.”

Tim Weller CEO, Datto

“As the pace of technology changes and the skill set needed to drive success continues to elevate, it’s an absolute win when you find a company like Notch Above —they truly live up their name! Great skills, transparency, partnership and delivery”

Andi Karaboutis Chief Informaton and Digital Officer, National Grid

“I could not be any happier with the performance and service provided by Notch Above. For me, it truly has been a “notch above” others.”

Michael Leach Vice President, Global Technology Solutions, Nuance Communications

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